Raise your game

Film and video are arguably the most powerful tools in marketing.

Stimulating the senses and stirring the emotions, moving images engage audiences, tell a story and deliver a message like no other medium.

They also have a measurable, even game-changing impact on audiences, as they directly affect sales. This alone makes film and video essential to all serious multi-platform branding strategies today.

Pulling power

According to an OECD report in 2010 (IBM research, Mobile Data Association), merely adding video content to a website increased traffic by 34 percent. And when content was actively selected and watched, interest rocketed to 68 percent.  

And according to eMarketer in 2013, approximately half of all companies that use video in email campaigns get better results than those who don't  – as recipients spend more time reading messages, and share them more, when video is present.

Audiences associate the quality of video and filmmaking with the quality of the companies they advertise, too. 

Make it work for you

Whether it’s a bite-size viral or a big screen promo, talk to us about your ideas and objectives – and we'll provide any guidance you need to launch your project.


What we do

All aspects of creative and production including:

Briefing, planning & scoping your project

Creative concepts

Scripts & storyboards

Location finding

Filming, editing & publishing