It’s nice to put a face to a name.

There’s a lot of talk about branding out there. And quite rightly so – it’s a decisive factor in an organisational success, and a rich and varied subject too.

A logo is not the whole story

Successful branding is more than a nice logo. It’s a harmonious, multi-layered experience, based on a convincing and compelling story about you. 

This brand story – a statement we can help you with – is something your whole organisation can get behind. Because it’ll be about the real you – your beliefs and values, what you’re offering to whom, why and how. And your ambitions too.

And once it’s established, we can build your brand. From a coherent visual language that is uniquely your own, to an authentic and distinctive tone of voice to a great brand identity. 

As for a logo – it’ll be important, and no mere cherry on a cake. It’ll spring from your story and come to represent you in the world, with real meaning. And like your business, it will make you proud.

Brand identity – getting it right

Many of our clients are organisations seeking new audiences. Others are well-established and need fresh campaigns. But no matter where ‘you’re at’, we’ll consider lots of factors when developing your brand, including your target markets and competition.

How do we establish the right brand for you?

We take a strategic approach. We ask lots of questions – to find out who you are, who you’re ‘talking to’, and where, as a company, you want to go. 

And once we get to know you? We begin to visualise, together, an identity that’ll speak volumes for your business.